Sunday, June 20, 2010

When I was trimming back the Kiwi vine last week our neighbors Ava, Carly and their mom Shyla came up the alley and I invited them in to see the bees.  We watched the bees coming and going and we sampled a bit of honey from a frame of foundation I had pulled out of Artemis a week or so ago.  Ava is five and Carly is three.  They weren't too sure about scooping honey out of the comb with their finger but after mom and I had a taste they gave it a try and deemed the honey to be yummy!

When their dad, Ryan, came home from work the girls brought him over to see the bees as well.

Today I heard a little knock on the door and there they were bringing me the sweetest picture!  Ava had cut out a photo of a bee and then drew a cat and some flowers.  It says "To Margaret from Ava".  We immediately stuck it on the fridge door and I traded them a picture of the moon I took (it's posted earlier on in the blog).  Shyla said Ava's been telling everyone about her friend with the bees!  I love it!  Thank you, Ava!

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