Friday, June 11, 2010

I decided to put a honey super on Demeter yesterday, and as I was doing that I pulled a few frames from the upper brood box.  There were hundreds of cells with larvae in them!  This photograph is a bit fuzzy but the larvae are plainly seen.  The capped cells are worker bees so I'd imagine that the larvae in the uncapped cells are also workers.

How exciting!

Isn't the comb beautiful - it is so structurally sound.

I'm worried about Artemis - as you know she swarmed on the weekend.

I wanted to see if there was a queen present so I opened Artemis after placing the honey super on Demeter.  I looked and looked for a queen but didn't see one.  There may have been one and I just didn't see it - I hope that's the case.

I did find something odd - a bee with white eyes!  It's a bit difficult to pick it out of the crowd - it's the big bee in the center of the photograph, head pointing up.

This a another photograph from a different angle.  Too bad it's fuzzy!  There it is - big white eyes!

 Has anyone else found such a bee?  Maybe it's an albino?

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