Monday, June 7, 2010

This is as sweet as can bee!

This is a worker bee pictures just as she's hatching!  The cap of the cell is flipped open like the lid of a garbage pail and there is the little bee!

Her antennae were waving about - see!  Here I am!

Bless you, dear little sweet bee!

Thank you, Nathalie for taking the photo!

If you look closely at this photograph you will see two more bees hatching out - along the left side of the photo about half way down and way down along the bottom edge of the photo.  Two teeny little bees!

I know we should not have done this, but..

If you just can't resist, pull out a frame heavy with honey, take just a little bit on a spoon and have a taste.  Still warm from the hive, it's like eating sunshine.

What an amazing thing!

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