Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is our dog, Emma.  She is a Humane Society dog.  We found her at the shelter about 10 years ago. 

When she was younger she used to hunt flies, bees and yellowjackets.  Once, years ago, she put her nose into a yellowjacket's nest and was stung many times.  I had to comb the yellowjackets out of her hair!

She was stung again today - poor thing.  I was opening the hives and Emma was observing, minding her own business.  Some bees were flying about her head and she started snapping at them, as she has been known to do.

Sure enough!  Stung on both side of her muzzle!  I'm glad that she doesn't react as much as I did when I was stung on the forehead by the bee in Wenatchee.

Emma is a very sweet Airedale.  She is getting old and rather creaky but can still be very puppy like.  She likes to get the kitties and enjoys a visit to the hardware store now and again.

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