Thursday, May 27, 2010

"...the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down, and Piglet started bailing..."

We had a terrific rainstorm yesterday - gutters full and running like rivers, the downspout outside my window at work running over and making a huge puddle in front of the main entry (and students standing under it after school let out!).

Then the sun came out at about 5:00!

One good thing about all the rain is even our "lawn" is turning green and I don't have to water the new plantings under the cedar (an habitually dry area in our garden).

The bees aren't very happy about it, however.  When I came home the foragers were hanging out in Artemis's entryway, milling about and (anthropomorphizing here) looking ready to charge out of the starting gate like a bunch of race horses.  "Let us at that pollen!". 

Memorial Day weekend is coming and I have four days off in a row.  I really want to open up Artemis and see if the queen that went walkabout is back.  Maybe the weather will turn warm and sunny, 75 degrees with a slight breeze, birds chirping, dog sleeping in the sun, bees buzzing, a glass of wine and a good book...

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