Sunday, May 23, 2010

David was in Toledo (WA) this weekend looking for signs of black bears with our friend Travis and his son Levi and I spent some time out in the garden.

There was a  bit of rain off and on.  Mostly off and not  very much even then!

I did some serious weeding, bought (and planted!) some shade plants for underneath the cedar tree and fed the bees.  Geez!  They really wanted that feed!  Heads down in the feeding tray before I could get the tray all the way inside the entrance!

I rented a Chow Yun Fat movie called The Children of Huang Shi about an English journalist who meets up with a school of Chinese orphans during the second Sino-Japanese war.  The end was a bit predictable but the ending credits were really, really sweet.

I went outside about 10.00 and took some photographs of the moon.  I took this one with the flash on and cropped and enlarged it.  You can see craters from 238,855 miles away and I took it with my little Nikon Coolpix camera!

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