Sunday, May 2, 2010

My sister Jane and I went to Wenatchee to visit my daughter Katie and to view the Apple Blossom Festival Parade.  There was a lot of rain on the west side of the mountains and as soon as we started on the downward slope on the east side the sky cleared up and it was actually warm!

We had lots of fun - my old high school marching band was in the parade (go Roughriders!), we went to a used book sale in the library basement and ate dinner at McGlinn's pub.  It was really, really nice to get to spend even this short time with Katie.  She graduated from Western Washington University a year ago and is volunteering through Americorps at an elementary school in East Wenatchee.  Her time is up at the end of the summer and she's hoping to start graduate school this fall.  Great kid!

On the drive back Jane and I took a short detour onto "Roller Coaster Road", which is on the way to Blewett Pass.  It is rather roller coastery!  We stopped to take some photos of apple blossoms and  some bees hives.  The hives were really small hives use for pollinating apple trees - four of them on a pallet.  The photo at the top shows some of the workers doing what bees do - zooming in and out and being busy.  Very nice!  Then I broke one of the beekeepers primary rules - don't stand in front of the hive!  The second photo was taken just as a bee flew out of her hive, smashed into my forehead, delivered her sting and got caught in my hair.  Poor thing.  I now have a very tender red lump on my forehead and raising my eyebrows is quite unpleasant.  So, remember friends, do not stand in front of the hive!  Where's the ice pack???

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