Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi there - how 'ya doin'?

Well, OK.  I'd feel a lot better if it would stop raining.

Yeah, I know.  Getting hit by one of those rain drops is a real downer.  Have you found any good nectar lately? 

Oh boy, did I!  The hawthorns are in bloom and so is the Scotch broom (a bit bitter, that one is) and the new raspberries in the front garden are starting to open.

I'm waiting for the Styrax japonica to flower.  I hear it's absolutely terrific.  The whole garden smells like tea!

What's next, do you suppose?

Well, I've heard that the tomatoes are coming along and pretty soon the petunias in the planter box will flower, the marjoram that was planted today will flower any second now...

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