Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes my photos turn out just like I want!

As you can tell, this photo shows the inside of a tulip flower.  You'll notice the pollen on the anthers and on the petals.  I like the shape of the stigma and it appears to be damp with nectar. 

This yellow markings inside this tulip are a "bee target" helping to direct the workers to the source of their food.  Bees see in a different color range so to them the markings may appear to be an entirely different color.

I also thrilled to have a follower of this blog!  Thank you Lore for being first!  What a very nice surprise - I hope we will become blogger friends.  I have taken a quick look at your site (I'm supposed to be getting ready for work) and I see that you have a very artistic side.  Good for you!

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