Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the way to the local farmers market...

The Avenue is quite pretty with it's big maple trees.  Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of the signage?

The local branch of the public library.  It's been expanded and remodeled and is the most used branch library in town.

The post office.  Gotta love those power poles?

The local movie theatre.  It's owned by a group of local merchants and shows films just at the end of their first run.

"The Prince of Persia" at 7:00 PM Monday through Friday with a matinee at 4:00 on Saturdays.

Fire Station Number 13.  Years ago horses were used to pull fire wagons and the stables used to be where the engine is in this photo.

There really is a brass pole that the firefighters use to slide down from the top floor to the bottom floor.

One of the two grocery stores.  This one is like the Neiman-Marcus of the local food scene!

And yes, that is a Starbucks.

The local farmers market.

My bee teacher, Gary Violette, at his stand selling some of his bee's wonderful honey!

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