Monday, August 2, 2010

"Well now, Rosie.  You just listen to me.  We know way more about this beekeeping thing than you ever will, so when we tell you to quit messing with us, do it!  Duh - why do you think they are called "honey supers"?  Because that's where you take the honey from!  NOT anywhere else!  You don't even have to look in anywhere else.  We're doing just fine without you poking your nose in!"

Yes, "Momma Queen", I hear you.  I'm sorry.  Please remember that I am a dense human being and not only that I know zip about beekeeping.  I promise that I will keep my hands off your brood boxes and will only peek into the honey supers when absolutely necessary.  You all have "first dibs" on the honey and if I really need some I can always buy some from Gary.  Sorry, sorry...

My learning curve shot straight up today!

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  1. Hi Rosie, I stumbled onto your blog when looking for a friends site. Enjoyed the humor in this post. It is amazing how we beekeepers sometimes forget that the bees are highly self-sufficient. Beautiful shot of the queen! Actually many lovely photos throughout your posts.

    Sending good wishes from Vermont,