Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Look out lavender!  Here I come!"

By shear luck I happen to catch a bee in mid-flight, ready to harvest some nectar from the lavender we have growing in our front garden!  You will see that her tongue is out and as soon as she lands she will start taking in lavender nectar.

Imagine a field of lavender, hives, and the bees flying about feasting on lavender nectar!  I want to replace my entire front lawn with lavender - can't have bee hives in the front garden due to city regulations but I think they would be able to fly over the house.


  1. Awesome picture! I'd love to make some lavender honey of my own... I guess I'd better get gardening. If anyone is interested in finding out how to start their own beehive, I suggest checking out

  2. Thanks, Major! Lavender is so easy to grow - not too much fertilizer, not too much water, a bit of protection from snow and ice. I'll look into site. You might enjoy - that's where I found the plans for the top bar hive.