Saturday, April 24, 2010

The bees were more resilient than I thought!  The bees inside the nucs were so cold they weren't moving very much.  When the sun came out and the day warmed up a bit the clusters of bees began to move about.  I rigged up a little "bridge" from the nuc outside Demeter up to the entrance.  Eventually about half the bees came around and started walking into the hive!  Artemis's bees were not in such a bad way.  I opened Artemis up and got the bees that were left in "her" nuc into the hive.

Gary told me to leave the bees alone for a week or so - it's hard to keep away.  I want to take a peek! 

The photograph shows Demeter later on in the week with some bees on the landing board taking a look-see around their new home.  It had been raining so much that I put boards on top of the hives, held down with bricks, to make a little rain shelter.  The fence is made of bamboo and it there to keep Emma the Airedale from getting too close.  In her younger days she hunted bees for sport!

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